At Summit Community Services Inc, we see complaints as a valuable way of meeting and responding to your expectations and concerns.


All Board members, workers, volunteers and students are given information about the complaints procedures as part of their induction.

Summit Community Services Inc provides a brochure that will inform you of:

  • How to make a complaint to SCS Inc
  • Who to complain to
  • How SCS Inc will deal with your complaint
  • Rights to a support person and interpreter
  • How to make a complaint to an external body including contact details

If yes, please tell us. In the first instance we would encourage you to talk to the person who normally provides you with a service – in most instances complaints can be resolved locally and quickly.

If you are not comfortable with that approach for whatever reason you can choose the person to which you make the complaint to. Depending on what you tell us we may encourage a local resolution or we may appoint someone not connected to the concerns to investigate your complaint.

You can make a complaint by contacting the office on 6792 1478, coming in to see us or sending an email to [email protected]


Our commitment to you means we will:

  • Record the details of your complaint, consider it in a fair and genuine manner, and deal with it effectively to ensure a fair outcome,
  • Enquire into your complaint and consult any relevant Summit Community Services Inc’ workers, volunteers, carers, and contractors, which should help resolve it fairly and within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Acknowledge your complaint, in writing or via email, within seven (7) business days of us receiving it.
  • Treat you with respect and treat your information with confidence, in line with the Summit Community Services Inc Privacy Policy.
  • Keep you and any other persons involved informed about the progress of the complaint, how we will try to resolve it and, as is appropriate, what we will do to prevent it from happening again.
  • Take action to resolve the complaint as best as possible to your satisfaction and, where possible, recommend any changes needed to ensure the cause is fixed.
  • Let you know in writing the outcome of your complaint and, as is relevant, the reasons behind this outcome.

Download Governance Policy and Procedures Feedback and Complaints Policy: Governance-Policy-2017.docx


When you make a complaint to Summit Community Services Inc, you have the right:

  • For it to be easy to make a complaint and to ask us for help in doing so should you need it, free of charge.
  • To have your complaint handled in an efficient and fair way, and with respect.
  • To have your information treated confidentially, unless Summit Community Services Inc has a reason for doing otherwise e.g. in providing a court report.
  • To seek legal advice.
  • To contact the NSW Ombudsman or Registrar of Community Housing if you are not happy with how we have attempted to resolve your complaint.
  • To know the processes and criteria by which your complaint will be handled and reviewed.
  • To know Summit Community Services Inc’ response to your complain and the reason for this response.
  • To give us any relevant material that supports your complaint.
  • Someone else can make a complaint on your behalf; however, we may still need to contact you directly.
  • You may make a complaint verbally and/or in writing. If you make a verbal complaint, a worker will assist you to put this in writing.
  • You can make an anonymous complaint; however, not being able to discuss the complaint with you may limit our ability to improve and/or fix the cause. We will do our best to protect your identity, but please bear in mind that, through the course of our investigation, your identity may become apparent to us.
  • We may ask for your help in the course of handling your complaint.
  • The Summit Community Services Inc policies on Governance and Organisational Management – Feedback and Complaints, and Housing Management – Complaints and Appeals are available from the SCS Inc Office.

You can make a complaint to Summit Community Services Inc by:

Download complaint form: COMPLAINTS-FORM.docx


Appeals are made in response to a decision we have made that you believe is wrong or unfair.  If you are a Summit Community Services Inc applicant or tenant, you can appeal our decisions. You can lodge an appeal by using the Summit Community Services Inc Feedback, Complaints and Appeals process.

The Appeal must be in writing and the form should be signed by the person requesting an appeal.  Workers will assist tenants to appeal if they have language or literacy barriers.

The Manager and an Executive Management Board member will review the decision against the relevant Summit Community Services Inc policy and consider the merits of the case taking into account the information provided by the person. Summit Community Services Inc will use a merits review which means that they will look at all the information afresh.

The Manager and Executive Management Board member will:

  • Register the appeal
  • Acknowledge the receipt of the appeal in writing within two days of receiving the person’s written appeal
  • Consider the matter, including conducting an interview with the person if possible, and consider whether a different decision is warranted. If the person provides new information this can be taken into account at the first level appeal
  • Inform the person making the appeal in writing of the reasons for decision with clear reference to the policy criteria.

SCS Inc will let you know what has happened within 21 days of receiving the appeal.

If you are still not happy you can contact the Housing Appeals Committee. For contact details see below:

Office Hours

Monday to Friday
9.00am – 4.30pm (Closed 1.00pm – 2.00pm for lunch)
Free call: 1800 629 794
Email: [email protected]



We will need to contact you about the complaint, so please provide your name and contact details, including one contact number if possible. If you do not provide this information we may not be able to deal with the complaint.

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