Supporting people who use our services

Summit Community Services Inc is committed to keeping workers and people who use our services as safe as possible and to ensure that SCS Inc complies with health management procedures, restrictive practices requirements and the expectations from funding bodies that we will continue to provide services that we are funded for. 

Getting in contact with SCS Inc

Please be advised that the Summit offices are closed until further notice.  We can be contacted on (02) 6792 1478 during the hours of 9:00am to 4:30pm.


We are people who believe in people. Their ability to face the day. To look for opportunities. To learn. To grow. To be a valued member of our community.
We believe in people who have been sidelined and disadvantaged. We do not judge. We believe they deserve better. They deserve fairness and a fair go. We do not look away.
We do not make excuses. We believe that we can support them to noticeably improve their own lives in their own way. We look for opportunities for them to control their own destinies.
We care about what we do. We are reliable and are known to do what we say we’ll do. We will also adapt to the changing needs of people.
We are respected in the community but that’s not what drives us, it’s our belief in people.
Finally, we empower: not in a tokenistic way but in a genuine way that demonstrates that our organisation exists for our people—those who are sidelined and disadvantaged—to support them to build better lives.

Established for 35 years
Servicing the Narrabri Shire area
2/116 Barwan St, Narrabri NSW
[email protected]
(02) 6792 1478


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