For all maintenance issues, please contact:
Business Hours: 9.00am to 4.30pm (Weekdays)

After business hours or on the weekend, contact the Housing on call phone:
0427 924 860

What happens when you report a maintenance issue with your property?

A Maintenance Order Request will be completed by a worker and will include all relevant information and forwarded to a Contractor to complete the work.
Where Summit Community Services Inc has organised maintenance that is not considered the result of fair wear and tear, where the property has been damaged maliciously or through neglect by the tenant, or failure to allow access for repair, then costs will be borne by the tenant.

Target Response Time

Emergency (health, safety, essential services failure, serious roof leak)
Summit: Immediate or within 24 hours
Landlord: Immediate or within 48 hours

Urgent non-emergency (electrical, heating/cooling, plumbing, roofing and brickwork)
Summit: Within 5 working days
Landlord: Within 14 – 21 days

Routine (carpentry, fencing, plumbing, roofing, brickwork)
Summit: Within 28 days or defer to planned/cyclical maintenance program.
Landlord: Within 28 days or accept deferment or refusal.

Other routine (R & M General repairs or renewal of internal fixtures and fittings)
Defer to planned/cyclical maintenance program.
Within 28 days or accept deferment or refusal.

Please do not contact the owner of the property.

All requests for maintenance must be dealt with by the workers in the Summit Community Services Inc office.
Please let the Housing Officer or another worker know about any serious problems, or delays you may be experiencing during maintenance work. If you have any concerns about the Contractor and the work completed at your property, please contact Summit Community Services Inc.

Summit Community Services Inc wants to ensure that all properties are well cared for and maintained and have a number of Contractors who are qualified and licensed to fix maintenance problems. We also have a Maintenance Plan that ensures that we continue to maintain the properties we own.

Every 3 years the properties are checked by a licensed contractor to assist us to identify any problem areas that might arise and what we need to do to ensure that the maintenance we are undertaking is correct and what else we might need to do with the properties we own. This does not include properties we lease of real estates or other landlords.

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